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Me, myself and Sumanta

In Bengali new year party at HUT, Finland

In Bengali new year party at HUT, Finland

Update (Jan 2012): Moved to the System Architecture team of NSN as a specialist. Now my work will be mostly focused on design and research about algorithms, optimizations, and future technologies.

Update: Received official final average grades for my master’s degree. It’s a perfect 5.0 :D:D. Received also an award as an exceptional student in the NordSecMob program. Joined  Nokia Siemens Networks Packet Core R&D team as a full time worker. Continuing my doctoral studies part-time at TKK.

If you bumped into this page somehow, that means you are interested in me or my work or my stupid writings or whatever (may be you are not interested at all). Anyhow, I am a kinda guy who gets cheered up only by new thingies, resulting is a new website. Ba-bye old site. Finished my master’s thesis in Nokia Siemens Networks for completion of my degree in Mobile computing from TKK, Finland and KTH, Sweden. Enrolled as a PhD student at Helsinki University of Technology recently. The topic is about redundancy elimination in the Internet.

If you are a research type of guy, then you may be interested in my research interests

else if you just want to know what I am doing right now, then it’s a good idea to visit my blog…(warning! serious probability of outdated posts!)

else if you want to know more about me, then you can view my transcript and project portfolio…(update: decided to remove the links to these documents, as they are not very updated now)

else you can pass some time by visiting my endless (yet fruitless) endeavor to be a good photographer… (didn’t yet get the chance to build up an album to post the link :P)

I consistently check these mail accounts:,, (replace _dontSpam_ with the @ sign). You can contact me by sending a line or two in any of them.